| character at end of path?

I know this has been asked before but I can’t find the answer. What does the | mean at the end of a path in protected files?

That the file/folder cannot be changed, period. Malware cannot make any changes to these protected files/folders.

Let’s take the example of Temporary Internet Files: i don’t want anything to be written there, as i don’t use IE.
But it still does: even setting index.dat to read only in TIF merely allows the system to create the equivalent files under X:\Documents and Settings\DefaultUser\Local Settings\Temp.

Assuming i actually would use IE, TIF and Temp are a very good target for malwares: but, of course, no way to keep from these writings in these conditions?

What does the fact that the character keeps from malware modifications actually mean? that it “knows” what is malware in order to forbid some writings, or that it forbids whatever modification?

The | character designates that the sandbox cannot drop files there.