changing wireless adapters - how to get firewall to recognize it

I installed Comodo Firewall 5.0 on my laptop which uses a external PCMCIA wireless card (802.11g). I had disabled my internal wireless as it is the older 802.11b standard. So far everything has been fine. Today I decided to take out my PCMCIA wireless to use with another laptop and go back to my internal wireless adapter. I re-enabled my internal wireless and although it can see my network, it would not reconnect (it blocks at “Acquiring network address”). I know this problem is related to the firewall because if I disable the firewall, the internal wireless adapter has no problems reconnecting.

I figure that I could uninstall the firewall and reinstall but this time using the internal wireless so that the firewall would recognize it. But is there an easy way for the firewall to recognize the new adapter without reinstalling?