Changing the start orb-FP

I changed my orb with completely legal software>>>
Yes, it changes the explorer.exe a bit, but it’s not malicious at all.CIS 5 antispyware engine detects now explorer.exe as Heur.Gen.lama@117020836

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Hi bequick,

Can you please submit the detected file to us? We’ll verify this issue you reported.



I’ve seen an infected version of that at a torrent site

It’s possible, of course.There are infected versions of almost every legitimate software in the net. :slight_smile:

I highly recommend against never changing explorer.exe it is one of the main programs in the system and not only can you cause your system to be unstable and all that but it can cause explorer to develop new holes and exploits. Please leave it stock.

Hi bequick,

Reported FP has been fixed with DB 5733.If you still experience any problem on this,please let us know.

Thanks and Regards,

OK, thank you. :slight_smile: