Changing the comodo pop up sounds.

Hello forum.

I would like to use a different sound when comodo gives a pop up.

Any ideas please how i would do this please.?


its not possible currently.

if you change the sound file manually cis will update itself and restore the sound file.

Well it is possible, I have it done right now, but at the cost of turning off automatic program update checker and if I click to check for updates it will discover a new update because the file has changed, so basically you are forced to rely on automatic database updater for database updates and constantly check the forum for program updates, otherwise you won’t know if it’s the same update or a new update… if that makes any sense.

Thank you for the replies.

I shall wait until comodo gives this option.

Its not crucial i change the sound but it would be nice just to give the suite a personal touch.

Thanks again.