Changing Temporary Treatment

I have looked but cannot find anything so I figured I asked and see if you can help.
Currently if you start a program, treat it say as blocked, remember is not checked, if you want to allow some activity, you have to restart the program and again allow it some other permission.

A bit inefficient and cumbersome. Is there a way to change the way an application is treated temporarily while it is still running?

Treating it as Allowed/Blocked is a blanket ruleset. It means that all future questions, that would have been asked, will be answered as such. If you want more fine grained control, I would more recommend using Allow/Block for a specific question. Of course it will only ask each unique question once.

If you really want to clear out a temporary HIPS rule, you can open CIS settings and immediately click the OK button. It will commit the settings in the UI and discard most anything else… including permanent rules that were made when the settings page was open. Oddly this trick doesn’t seem to discard temporary Firewall rules.

Yeah basically the “blanket” allow/deny is done to avoid having to answer for every single connection, sometimes can be quite a bit depending on the application and what it is doing, really noisy if you will. But you need it to not connect yet until you have made some changes and things that you don’t want committed until ready. But then once you are done, if we could revoke the “deny” and or change it to “allow” then we can proceed using the application without closing it first to retrigger the ask, just would be more efficient.