Hello: I presently enjoy a relatively Secure and layered Operating System Protection Profile. As you will note I presently have installed CPR v.2.64 along with several “stand alone” security software programs. I am sure many will need to be ‘Uninstalled’ because of either being redundant or incompatible with CIS.
Could someone “in the Know” please direct me on the Complete Install Instructions for CIS so as not to contaminate or cause problems in the Install process.
I suspect obtaining a clean Uninstall of older version of CPf v.2.64 is important to the issue free install of CIS.
Thx alot in advance. (:KWL)

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Hi wilpower

Welcome back, I haven’t seen you here for quite a long time.

I don’t even know a CPF 2.64. It must have been a short unadvertised update.

You will have to do a complete uninstall of your present CPF, and then do a complete install of CIS. If the uninstall is successful then CIS should install with no trouble at all. If you want the complete package of CIS, the firewall, Defense+, and the A/V then you must uninstall your present A/V before installing CIS. You can choose from the installer just the applications that you want to install. If you have any trouble let us know.

John (from Kelowna)