Changing rules path

I would like to change the location of where the rules are stored from the default to /usr/local/apache/conf/modsec_rules but the script can never find them and when you run the update rules it does not put the in the location you have stated.

Anyone help with this?

Not much help about here or in the support department :frowning:

The path, where the rules are stored, is relative to CWAF install, so it could not be changed.

So why is there an option to change it?

You may add it to wish list here

It’s not really a wish list when the interface is there and gives the impression that it can be changed.

As a poor workaround I have created a symbolic link to the rules, so that the CSF modsec control is able to directly edit the files.

You’re right. “Rules path” is actually path to CWAF install directory and can’t be changed.
So we need to review this part of interface.