Changing Program Launch Behavior?

Just wondering, is there any way to get Comodo to alert me when a program is trying to start in addition to having it alert me when a program is attempting to launch another program? I’d like to add Explorer to the trusted programs group, but if I do that, it may launch programs that I don’t want running, and I wouldn’t know about them till they attempted to do something that Comodo would normally prompt me for. I do have Defense+ in Paranoid Mode.

If in Defence+/Computer security policy—>If you set explorer.exe as a “Trusted Application” you will still be asked for each executable that it runs,then you can answer each alert and set it to “Remember my answer” or not.
If you highlight “%windir%\explorer.exe” and click Edit/Access rights/Modify next to “run an executable” you will see the list of applications which D+ knows explorer.exe runs.
As soon as you answer one alert and ask D+ to remember your answer the policy for explorer will change to “Custom” but there will be Allows next to everything except "Run an executable" But BE CAREFUL that if you answer an alert like in the picture do not select Treat as "Isolated application" with remember my answer ticked(If you do explorer will be isolated).If you dont want explorer to run it check “Block” with remember ticked.

Hope this makes some sense to you :wink:

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Yes, it makes plenty of sense, and thank you for the reply. I suppose I’ll just need to adapt.