Changing of status icon in taskbar to a shield with flames on the left side??

Sometimes the COMODO-IS status icon in the taskbar changes to a shield with small red flames on the left half of the icon. What does this mean? I run D+:Safe mode, Firewall: Custom Policy, and AV: Stateful, always. And there’s is no regularity when the icon changes, I have done no changes myself.

The icon the normal Shield changes to is quite similar what the User Triplejolt has as his profile picture.

Thank you for any hints. :wink:

This icon is the updater icon which usually appears as a extra icon when there is a program update available.


I get the same thing every couple of days and it’s very annoying. The standard icon changes to the update icon (which does not show incoming/outgoing activity) even though there are no updates to be downloaded (on XP with the av component not installed). I have to end task on explorer.exe, restore a backup I made of the reg key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\TrayNotify, and then restart explorer again. I made the backup because I got tired of having to always reset the “always hide/always show” properties for each program after deleting the key and forcing it to be recreated.

I’ve had this computer for years and Comodo is the only program that has ever made me jump through hoops just to get the proper icon displayed.

With me, it’s the same, I checked when the last program update was made available, downloaded and install it, there’s always a second icon when there’s a CIS-update available. I also run the cfpupdate.exe each couple of days and there’s no update available.

So this does not seem to be a CIS-program update, might it be a CIS-AntiVirus-definition update? I thought these are installed automatically, without any notification/icon change, so far.

It’s a nuisance, but I do not do the above tasks, as it seems to ‘go away’ without any action required after some time.

Yes, they just install automatically if there is an update, so I wouldn’t expect the icon to change for an AV update. I just updated and the icon with flames show. Sometimes it does, sometimes not.

Are you using 3.13.126709.581? The version number can be found under Miscellaneous → About.

Yes, I rebooted my system after the upgrade and the icon had flames on left side. I rebooted one more time and all is well now. ;D

I turned on system today 1-10-2010 and the shield with the flame on left side is on, I checked for updates and none were available. I rebooted twice and correct icon will not show. What do you suggest I do?

In the screenshot you posted I see the traffic indicator arrows around the CIS shield. Those can be turned off under Miscellaneous → General → untick “Show traffic animation in the tray”.

Ok, thank you.