Changing hosts


I have an Comodo SSL cert purchased through my current hosting company. We are now moving to a new dedicated server not connected with our current host.

The last time i asked , i was told we could not take the ssl cert with us. I don’t have access to any of the data for the cert on the server as it was installed by our host.

Can i purchase another SSL cert for our new dedicated server with the same company details or will this cause problems ?

Also can i set up the new SSL cert and test it before the domain name is pointed to the new server , or do i have to wait untill it is “live” ??

Many Thanks


The is no problems purchasing a second SSL certificate and setting it up offline to test.

Sounds like you have a bad web host if they will not allow you to export the certificate with Private Key…after all you have paid for it.

If you do have any problems purchasing etc then please submit a ticket at


What hosting control does your host provide? I believe that with cpanel the full backup contains the private key and certificate file(s).

If you’re using a different control panel perhaps the backup provided with it would also provide this functionality.


Thanks for the help.

I have C-panel but cannot see any access to the keys or anything to do with my current SSL cert. Only an option to purchase.

The SSL was sold as a “special” deal via the hosting company and came with the trust logo free.

Our current host isn’t very supportive at the best of times , thats one of the reasons we are moving to a dedicated server elswhere. It sucks , but hey ho , we’ll just have to bite the bullet and get another one. the sooner we are shot of there shoddy hosting the better.

thanks for the advice , i’ll purchase one tommorrow when i’ve finished streamlining my checkout process. I Just hope it’s fairly easy to set up ?

If you create a full back under the backup options in cpanel, then extract the backup on your local pc you will see the key and certificate files within the backup.

The private key will be in a folder named sslkeys and the certificate files will be in a folder named sslcerts.