Changing favourites order

How can I prevent systemcleaner from changing the order of my favourites in IE and Firefox? I have them sorted in folders and inside the folders NOT alphabetically. But when I have taken a powerclean all my favourites are sorted alpabetically.

Which box do I need to uncheck? ???


There is no option to uncheck, because it wasn’t intended to happen.
The issue will be investigated. Thank you for reporting.

Yep had the same problem on my girlfriend’s computer (xp sp3 amd ath.3000+, 1024mb. ie.8 fresh clean install.) she was really p… off
this problem also occured with the latest version of csc before the new gui (wich is ■■■■ i.m.h.o)

I must say i’m dissapointed in csc every new release is verry buggy and “dangerous” to use (had to reinstall my own system several times because bsod) so back to CCleaner, systemcleaner (unknown but very nice and simple in a jk defrag kinda way)

and glary utilities. (have not encountered 1 single problem in 2 years of use although macecraft regcleaner comp. states it’s “bad”)

Daaf :wink:

btw : cis did/does? not detect the delphi compiler virus wich was present in a previous version of glary utilities
see : Win32:Induc, new concept of file infector? much longer than other av’s (no pun intended just critical)