Changing Default Search engine

With firefox you can go into the config and change the default search engine by typing keyword.url and “modifying” it. I have tried this with Ice Dragon but run into a problem with the Secure DNS over ridding it. Resetting it back to Google works just fine, any other search engine i enter gets redirected through the DNS. If i change from Comodo’s DNS sever to obtaining it automatically it will allow me to use the “modified” default search engine.

I am on windows 7 64bit, running CIS as main security, as for addons i have:
adblock plus
cookie manager +
request policy


Could you describe the way you are using the search functionality in the address bar and what is the value to which you changed keyword.URL?
Also, how do you perform searches using the address bar? Do you type keyword + “search text” or just the text?

Thank you.

Typically once i have changed it, i usually open another tab, and just use text for search results, which works fine on firefox. I have tried changing the string to several search engines with no luck. The main string i use with firefox, also the first i tried with ice dragon is the non java version of duckduckgo.

same problem here, even cannot change back to google

I had same issue. Changed something else w/o effect.
Today tried about:config, search box enter:“search” (w/o quotes
double clicked on;Yahoo
typed in “Google” and closed tab
but I think i previously changed a yahoo search string to a google search string
so maybe solution requires both steps