Changing configuration resulted in hang, bios corruption, and boot disk failure!

I changed the CIS configuration to proactive security from firewall security, and it asked me to reboot, so I rebooted my pc and then windows hanged when I logged in. I rebooted my pc and then got a boot disk failure warning. somehow my bios setting were changed and it thought I had SCSI hard drives instead of SATA drives. :o

I don’t know if your software altered my BIOS but something definitely just happened that never happened before! It’s running OK now but it must have tried to modify the bios as I was logging in to Windows.

CIS 4.0 latest version
Windows 7 X64 Ultimate

CIS cannot change the software in bios (at least not that I know of), if bios is changed I would suspect the BIOS battery is going bad, time for a new one.

That was my second guess, but it happened while CIS was configuring itself.

weird things happen all of the time. Change the battery and see if it works better then.

The CMOS battery keeps power on the chips so they retain your settings when your system is unpowered. I think these Lithium batteries are rated for something like 10 years, but I have had some motherboards that just loved to eat 'em like candy… there are probably many factors that effect battery life.

While you are powered up, the battery in essence does nothing… so, depending on how often you reboot your PC, your battery could have died a month ago, and it let you find out the hard way.

The changes to your BIOS settings was it reverting back to its default settings.