Changing CIS configuration


Have XP Pro SP3, CIS v. 5.10.228257.2253 Free.

I had a severe problem with CIS configuration prior to resetting Defense + to default settings. Actually discovered these default settings by accident, as I had to disable Defense + when shutting down in order to startup in a normal (quick) fashion. I did this by clicking enable when the GUI was open, causing the protection icon to turn green again and looking inside. I found the General Settings area to have all tick boxes to be blank.

I did not have it set this way, so on boot, known good files were being intercepted by COMODO, such as OSA.exe, etc.

So that is no longer an issue.

Question I have re this page, Gizmo's Best - The best of Gizmo's Freeware has to do with configuring \Device\KsecDD to provide added protection against malware that can hide executables, this action is said to prevent that change from happening. Located @ Computer Security Policy in Defense +. An additional dialog warning box appears other than what is described in the article, so at a loss as to how to achieve this.

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No, did not want to lock?? How does that happen?

Wound up uninstalling and installing latest version. A little complicated procedure to guarantee success, but it worked.

Question posted above is about the \Device\KsecDD option in Defense +. I understand that this is for malware that hides (encrypts) files, such as fakeAV and so on. Is this right?

In any case, pics below show what was going on before I uninstalled. Seems it is a matter of what settings are enabled, so…

As one can see, I was having trouble with CIS Firewall blocking and intercepting clean files. This made boot much slower at times than it should have been. Clean install fixed that.

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