Changing boot drives

CFP (and BOC). I cloned a new boot drive and it seems to work fine alone. When I reattach the old boot drive and adjust the BIOS settings to make it non-boot, I get an error message that it’s CFP’s install drive and do I want to boot from there. What’s the best way around this? Do I need to reinstall CFP on the new drive? If so, can I carry over settings? Thanks

Not sure but maybe it is worth to reinstall CFP on new drive. You may export and save settings through “miscellaneous” tab.

Did that but didn’t solve the problem. When booting with both drives connected, it says cfp.exe is on the D: drive and asks whether to start it. Without the old drive, it starts w/o problem. Obviously, I can clean the old drive and reimage, but there are other problems, such as not being able to get any websites to open (or email) that makes me wonder what’s going on.

Old bug now… present in every version 3 version.

A search for “installation directory” will get you up to speed but the short of it is… no fix since it only affects a few users.

Try to run through diagnostics (“miscellaneous” tab) just after error appears. Maybe this will solve problem and you won’t have to do anything else.

It did solve it and got me connected to the internet. I noticed that I (and perhaps others?) misread the message to think that clicking Yes or whatever it was would actually start CFP silently from the D drive, which was not desired. However, it really starts a process that eventually leads to Comodo prompting to run Diagnostics. Thanks!

Take that back! What Diagnostics does with both drives going is change the Registry entry to HarddiskVolume2, meaning it’s starting off the D drive. So, it seems we’ve either got a bug or a mistaken choice in programming.

I don’t intentionally have a multiboot system, but perhaps because both drives have XP Comodo is seeing it that way?

Some people have similar problems as you (try to search on forums if interested). As i know Diagnostics is the only workaround at the moment.

Just as a last look at this, I did the following, booting from the new cloned drive (had previously reinstalled CFP):

  • with old drive repartitioned for storage and empty of files, deleted all references to D:\ in the registry
  • rebooted a couple of times
  • shut down and disconnected old drive
  • new drive gave Comodo install location error for C:, ran diagnostics
  • reboot
  • shut down and reconnected old drive D:
  • gave Comodo install location error for D:, ran diagnostics, rebooted

Conclusion: something wrong in the way Comodo identifies physical drives and doesn’t give up

Searching for occurrences of "D:" in C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall, four files in C:.…\Firewall\Repair turn up: CmdGuard.sys, cmdhelp.sys, inspect.sys, sigsdb,db

Basically the same thing happens to me with an External eSata hard drive that I use for backup. If I connect the drive after the system boots CPF seems perfectly happy, but if I start my system with the Drive connected it presents that same error message which is apparently fixed by the diagnostic routine. The External Drive is assigned the same letter in both cases. If I start with Drive installed CPF thinks it needs to boot from that external drive. So basically switching between the 2 configurations forces an autofix routine each time. It is apparently harmless but annoying.