Changing a link [Resolved]

Hi folks,could anyone please let me know how you change the name of a link you have inserted into a post.Ive been trying for the past 2 hours and cant work it out.
So basically if you add the link to a previous thread and it comes up Comodo Forum xyz

How do you know change it so that it just says" here" or “related thread” cus it looks a lot tidier.

I keep just ending up with weird things on me desktop or about 5 links 1 after the other all the same ???

Anyways can anyone offer me some guidance(i need it)

:cry: Mattty


I suppose you mean something like this: <a href=">Google
For that, you can use

[url=http://www.adresstositehere.domain]Name or whatever you want to use[/url]


<a href="www.adresstositehere.domain">Name or whatever you want to use</a>


There is also a full set of instructions on this page under SMF Bulletin Board Code.



Thanks Guys,think i`ve got it i now see it HERE

:BNC Nice one Matty

I’ll go ahead and close this topic now. PM an online moderator with a link to this topic if you would need it opened again.