Changes to registry for Mouse and Keyboard

I like the temp change feature on the cleaner.
Sadly, my mouse and keyboard are not working now.

And to revert the changes…I need the mouse or keyboard.

So every re-boot I see a frozen screen asking me to revert the changes.

YES, I’d LIKE TO revert the changes.

Sadly, my boot sequence doesn’t include the OS screen where I can go to safe boot.
I dunno why that is.

I’ve tried to fix the windows install but the mouse is still not working even to get
yhtough the reinstall sequence.

I did get to Repair Consol. Anybody know how to use hte command screen to
replace my mouse driver

I guess my points is having an AUTO-revert-unless-action-taken- in 5 minutes would solve my problem and maybe some of these other postings too.

You should get the relevant screen if you press PF8 repeatedly during the boot process.

Right. But it didn’t.


Please tell us what operations have you performed in CSC, operating system details, version of CSC and also provide us with the following log files for analysis: CRC.log, CDC.log, CPC.log and CSC.log. These can be found in the installation folder of Comodo System Cleaner.
Although, the missing functionality of your mouse and keyboard couldn’t been caused by any cleaning operation in CSC.

Thank you.

Then I have to revert to my paranoid explanation that the Russian backdoor"pushdo" saw trouble comming and locked up the system. All I did was run a cleaning scan and when given the option to revert, mouse and keyboard were dead. Perhaps my clever backdoor virus clamps down on the cleaning process when threatened. Anyway, the system went to the shop, because reinstalling the OS was impossible as well. And I’m an old hand at that. I’m hoping comodo time machine is better than “deep freeze”. Deep freeze works fine but I still have to thaw it, leaving it vulnerable. Hopefully time machine erases infections and other malwares. I’m VERY glad to have an option.