Changes in partitioning the hard drive after CTM installation

is it possible to Changes in partitioning the hard drive after CTM installation?
is there any issues?
I only have two partitions and i must add some space from protected partition to another unprotected,
plz help me.
thank you

Why not uninstall CTM first, resize your partitions and reinstall CTM !

Remember whenever you’re in doubt of doing something to the system which might have negative effects, always uninstall CTM first.

Alering the partition layout after installation of CTM is a HUGE no-no.

You run the real risk of overwriting part of the CTM data stream which resides on “unused” areas of the disk.

The only safe way to do this is to;

  1. Set the latest snapshot to be the baseline
  2. After rebooting, uninstall CTM (I feel uninstalling from the CTM console is the safest way)
  3. Manipulate your partitions
  4. Reinstall CTM

I realize this is the long way round, but this is the safest way.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

You can’t manipulate snapshotted or encrypted partitions!
CTM must be uninstalled before moving/changing partitions!

This reminds me of my old problem.
5-6 years ago I was using FarStone’s RestoreIT! and I’ve changed the size of system partition because of lack of free space.
Next restore made PC totally unusable and I had to use Hiren’s BootCD to fix corrupted MBR or something like that (can’t remember ATM).
I was lucky and repair was successful but I also learned the lesson.

Also, I think this one should go to “Help” section ! :slight_smile:

thank you all friends.

You’re welcome.
Keep tuned, the CTM 3 is being baked.