Changes for the best from v3 > v4 > v5

What i found to be improvements according to my opinion.

CFP v4 (latest to post date), FW and Defense+ (safe modes), no AV, Sanbox disabled as far as the GUI allows, Proactive config. XP Home SP3 x86

  • When choose policy “Installer and updater” no more importunate alert at the center of screen “would you like to switch to installation mode?”.

  • Rules are not created for safe apps (if corresponding options are turned off) so in Safe modes safe apps run without alerts AND without cluttering registry with corresponding rules. I beleive this improves (should improve?) overall system’s performance as registry scan for rules is performed faster by CFP in this case.

  • They provided an option to (entirely?) disable Sanbox. Otherwise it would be a real problem for existing CFP users who are not going to use SB for some reason.

Thanks, Comodo for continued development of CFP :comodo110:

[Went to look for more positive aspects of v4 over v3


The most positive aspect of CIS 4 is that… CIS 4 is a security suite while CIS 3 was a monitoring tool leaving most of the work to the user which was ridiculous if you ask me. The only way to use CIS 3 as a security aid was to first block something and if you noticed problems you may have tried to rely on your hunch and tie the problem to your last blockade using CIS 3. Ofcourse the Firewall component was more “inteligent” and autonomic. I’m talking about D+ and AV. It will involve some inertia but eventually CIS 4 will atract many of new users.

Can anybody tell me if massive increase of popularity of CIS Free will translate into faster development of free version? Obviously it would if it was payware but it may not be so with freeware. Anyone?

Agreed with all of the above SS26.

Bucic, the develop speed of CIS is pretty high. Notice that the only difference between the free and paid versions is not the program but the extra services that you pay for. The programs are the same.

So I guess CIS popularity actually has influence on developement pace.

Recently noticed: in v3 when “My own safe files” contain a very long list of objects it took ages to open “My own safe files” (very slow scanning the database);
in v4 it opens almost immediately for the ~ same number of objects in the list :o :-TU

The only change that I think is for the best is not creating rules for safe apps. The rest of the changes and additions I’m not too fond of. Oh, I do like the GUI as far as the theme goes, not the default layout. I would like to have options to display the modules we would like to see in the summary window and get rid of the ones we’re not interested in

This will be possible in future versions as per Egemen. I recall it was also one of my wishes from way back :-TU

What i like in v5 over v3/v4.

Scripts .vbs .bat .cmd are now trapped by default by Defense+ in Safe mode. In previous versions we needed to use definite manipulations to achieve that.

Fixed important (to my opinion) issue. RunDLL32 can load DLLs without triggering Run an executable alerts

Extended whitelist due to Cloud, especially when files are added to “trusted files” automatically.

Malware alerts by the Cloud if object is found in remote blacklist. I have never installed Comodo AV when used Comodo Defense+ , so it is kind of exotics 4 me 8) .

“Block unknown requests if app is closed” option now is not necessary in order to block unknown activities when closing cfp.exe.

Enhanced default Protected files and Registry keys lists, i suppose these are different from previous versions, e.g. iirc i never saw whole Windows directory being protected by default, only \system32 .

More simplified GUI without “Basic” and “Advanced” – who used v3/v4 knows.

What i don’t like in v5 over v3/v4.

Ability to NOT trust files by digital signatures is revoked (there was a special option in v3/v4).