Changed Program Alert Option - Firewall Only

Please add an option to alert a firewall user if a program requesting Internet access
has changed, regardless of how that change occurred, since the rule was created/modified.

This could be done by comparing the hash of the .exe requesting firewall access
to a hash that was previously stored during rule creation or modification. An alert
should be displayed if the hashes differ, and if the user accepts the change, the
hash associated with the rule should be updated and the connection allowed.

The primary purpose of this option is to thwart a malware that manages to avert
detection by AV and Defense+, and attempts to replace the executable of a valid
Internet application with a malicious executable of the same name, and placed in
the same file path, allowing outbound traffic of an attacker’s choice.

There should be an option to disable this feature if not wanted or needed.

This would be a useful addition, especially for those who only use the firewall component.