Changed from Avast AV to Comodo AV

Got fed up with Avast’s pop-ups offering to ‘fix’ things for me, i.e. pay up.
Uninstalled Avast - very thoroughly - and installed the latest Beta of CIS (I was already using the Firewall).
Good points:
no more nags
boots a couple of seconds quicker
shuts down in half the time
at a guess, another 500MB RAM to use (W7 Pro, 32-bit, 4GB RAM)

one, mainly, some programmes take a lot longer to open, e.g. Pale moon was 2 sec., now 6 sec.; LibreOffice also 3 sec. to 6 sec. A few others are also slower. Some aren’t affected at all.

Is there a way to remove the delay from those programmes that are affected?

With any AV it would be best to add certain folders to the exclusions, especially if you know those folders are clean. e.g. the Windows, Program Files, and Program Files (x86) directories.

Thanks, but I wouldn’t want to exclude so many programmes - never know when a file might be compromised.

BTW, what’s the AV file that I need to put into a download manager to scan downloads?

It won’t work that way anymore and besides any new file written to disk would be scanned by the real-time scanner anyways.

OK, thanks.