Changed behavior in 3.13

I have just found out that v3.13 treats World of Warcraft differently than previous versions and the change is not for the better. I used to be able to add Blizzard Entertainment to the trusted vendors list but in 3.13, it says the files Wow.exe and Launcher.exe are not valid signed executables. They used to work to add Blizzard just fine. Then when I add them to pending files and try to submit them, it says there are compression errors. Also, when I go to purge my rules in both the firewall and d+ it says both of the files are invalid and should be purged. If I purge them, the exact same rules are created when I play the game and later on it says again that they should be purged. This is ridiculous, these files are widely used and known to be perfectly safe. They should be in the Comodo Whitelist and Blizzard Entertainment should be in the trusted vendors list along with Valve, Steam, Malwarebytes, and a lot more.

You didn’t say whether it reads “digital signature is valid” when You check the properties (digital signatures tab) of these files under Windows explorer. Maybe it (signature) got corrupted somehow hence the problem.

AFAIK current Comodo’s policy is not to track any games, whether the vendor is trusted or not. As for your troubles with rules being recreated, it might be caused by Defense+ set to Clean PC Mode. This mode is no longer recommended, and that is why by default it is set to Safe Mode. In the matter of fact your problem reminds me of the one I had with PunkBuster. You can read about it in this thread.

Setting D+ to safe mode causes other problems with other programs such as DVD Flick where it stops the DvD authoring process. I have never heard that Clean PC mode is not recommended. I think it is by far the best mode to use. What happens now is that the Comodo installer no longer asks you if you want to scan the system. It does this because the AV DB is no longer included in the installer. That is the only reason why CIS defaults to safe mode now where it used to default to Clean PC if you told it to scan or said that you knew the machine was clean. This does not mean that the Clean PC mode is no longer recommended. CIS now has no way to know if it is being installed on a clean machine or not so it defaults to safe mode. You can still switch it to Clean PC if you know your machine is clean and my opinion, that’s the thing to do.

The rules have to be recreated if the existing ones are purged and that would happen in any mode you use. What I said was that CIS says the rules should be purged, I do that, the exact same rules are then created upon playing the game, and then after exiting the game and clicking on purge in D+, it says again that they should be purged. This did not happen with any version of CIS prior to 3.13. The files also worked before in being used to add Blizzard to the Trusted Vendors list, now they don’t. It’s like Comodo suddenly decided that WoW is unsafe which would be ridiculous.

It doesn’t say valid or not it just says the signer is Blizzard Entertainment, Email address unavailable, and has a timestamp of Dec.12,2009.

How i used to check: properties of target file > “digital signatures” tab > double click on title of signature (e.g. Blizzard Entertainment).

It should show new window with title at the top: “digital signature is valid” OR “digital signature is NOT valid”.

No new window, just a button for advanced. I click the button and it says, “This digital signature is OK”.

Yep, that’s what i meant. Then… it is Comodo’s fault i guess :-\