Change your Email password now!

Following Email Services have been hacked!
Change your password as fast as you can.


and more.

Hmmm can you post a link to the Rest of the Email services that got hacked pls >:-D

Hope mine is ok

Not recognized rest of them yet.
It’s still investigating.

WTF! :o


By pishing and hacking.

It was on the news yesterday here in belgium. It seems that the phishers send you and e-mail in the name of your operator, Hotmail/yahoo/etc., telling that they’ve lost your personal information, and if you could please send your account, pass, and creditcard to them.

If you didn’t get that mail, or you didn’t reply, you’re safe. If you got that mail and replied however, you should immediately change your pass.

best regards,

Phew!!! I guess I am safe then… I didn’t get any such emails… they must have ended up in my spam box and I never check my spam box.