change Verbosity mode?

Can Verbosity mode be changed after install? I found this key that is set to 1 (I selected Low at install), would 2 be Medium etc?

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Personal Firewall\AppCtrl\Verbosity


Currently the GUI has not been updated yet for the new verbosity mode. This will be in (I think) the next beta version released Thursday. I believe there are six levels to the verbosity, 0 is no popups, 1 is low, 2 medium, 3 high, 4 very high, and 5 maximum popups.


I hope this feature is well documented (i.e. better than the Basic popup logic option is currently documented).

In other words, bare-metal specifics, please, rather than just “Set to Low to get fewer popups, Medium to get more popups, High to get even more popups…”

Yes dont worry. Coming next week the last BETA for 2.3 release, which has all such improvements.This time expalanations are better and intuitive.