Change Tray Icon

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to change the tray icon in Windows 7, by changing only the 16x16 icon in cistray.exe. However, when I do that, quite expectedly, Comodo doesn’t run, since it probably detects a different file hash.

My question is, would it be possible to either disable the hash check or register the new hash in the program?
I have already tried to remove the file from the protected files in CIS, but it doesn’t work.

I know this will sound like too much work or even stupid to some people, but it is really important :slight_smile:

I hope someone from Comodo can help with this.

Thank you.

Does adding the new systray.exe to the Trusted Files list help?

Hello Eric,

I’m talking about cistray.exe, which is part of Comodo Internet Security, not systray.exe.

That file is responsible for the tray icon and warnings, popups, etc. When that file is modified to include the new icon, CIS does not run, because it detects the file has been modified through its hash. I suppose this happens to avoid malware to compromise the antivirus/firewall.

As for removing the file from the protected files or adding it to the trusted files does not do anything, unfortunately.

What I’m looking for is a method that tells Comodo that the modified file is the original one, either by registering the new hash as original or disabling the hash protection entirely.

Thank you for your help.

Sorry for calling cistray.exe systray.exe. My bad…

If the mentioned solutions are not working then there is no other way then to get it signed by Comodo its self. And that would be not possible.

It’s up to you to choose what is more important. My choice would be to keep the original cistray.exe and forget about the smaller icon in the systray. I prefer to have the full functionality.