Change the size of the Comodo Internet Security User Interface

Is it possible to change the size of the Comodo Internet Security User Interface, as in the window and the font and button and checkbox size?
Everything else on my monitor is perfect. I like the resolution where it is. Font appearance is managed in my browser settings, Word & Excel Settings, the rest from Control Panel>Personalization.
The problem is that the interface window is too small. I cannot see it without having to get up and sit on the floor in front of the monitor.

Hello Hexanol,

Thank you very much for your recommendation!

Would you mind sending your message to the topic for user interface wishes:

I m collecting your wishes to be processed.

So regarding your wish, I would request it to be re-sizeable, what do you think ?

Kind Regards

Hi Buket. Yes, please do that. This forum is not friendly to folks like me. I think I have copied my original note to that “Child Board”.
Also, while you are making suggestions, perhaps someone there would consider making this forum a bit easier for those of us who don’t live and breathe this forum.
Specifically, if it would be possible for the link that a user could find and identify, to allow navigation to a list of all his or her old posts, be made a little easier to find, that would be mighty kind. So far, I’ve been looking for nearly a half hour, with no hope in sight. I know I’ve seen it once. Where I couldn’t tell you if my life depended on it.
Oh, and even though it does not appear to be possible to make it a default setting, your answer will cause an e-mail to be sent to me I think since I went to the trouble to open up the hidden “Additional Options” and checked the appropriate box.
Where are my old posts??
Either Me or the guys who designed this system were born on another planet.

As Gilda Radner used to say on Saturday Night Live: “Never Mind”.
I found the listing of my old posts under “Profile” and then there’s a little link off to the left.
Have a great day.

Hi Hexanol,

Hope you were able to solve your problems about the forum. regarding any problems about forum Star Group mods would help. Please do let me know if you have any other problems , wishes or recommendations about Comodo Internet Security.

We will be avluating your wish for the user interface accordingly ,

Kind Regards

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