Change subnet from to avoid conflicting with Hamachi?

It is possible to change the subnet so EasyVPN can run at the same time as Hamachi? Thank you.

There’s an even better reason for Comodo to stop using the netblock as it has now been assigned to RIPE for use by real (non-VPN) internet connections.

This means that EasyVPN (and Hamachi) are now squatting on IP addresses that belong to someone else and that people using EasyVPN etc won’t be able to connect to computers that have been assigned addresses in the netblock while the VPN programs are running.

Ripe does not own these addresses. These addresses are meant for VPN traffic.

I’m afraid, EricJH, that RIPE do now own these addresses as they were assigned to them by IANA on 30 Nov 2011 as shown here:


or if you prefer to ask ARIN about it:

So I’m afraid these addresses are NOT reserved for VPN use and the longer Comodo EasyVPN continues to use them the higher the likelyhood of these addresses being assigned for use by end users with all the connection problems that will bring for EasyVPN users.

Indeed. The block days are numbered…

IPv6 mesh is the way forward, as the IPv4 allocation is all but complete.