Change profile, please: advise.

I have come back to Comodo after more than half a decade. I signed in initially in 2010, and now I find a lot of useful improvements, so, thanks! I need to change my profile, if that is in any fashion possible. Please tell me how I can do that. Who do I approach, what information is needed to remove the old profile and completely reconfigure it. I appreciate your assistance, and I hope it is well with you.

Could tell us a bit more? Do you still have a saved profile from an older version of CIS and want to use it in the current version? When making a big version leap we advice to start with a clean profile although an upgrade install has been reported to be possible but it is scarcely documented here at the forums.

You could consider to follow Chiron’s guide on setting up the firewall as linked in Install & Configure Firewall for Max Protection & Min Alerts as a starting point.

If your current version is that old, you will require a new profile, else you will start experiencing issues that cannot be resolved.