Change permission settings [RESOLVED]

Once I have checked ‘remember this setting’ and selected ‘deny’ how do I change that to ‘allow’ the application to access the internet?

Hi and welcome,

If you open CPF>>click ‘security’ tab>>and then find what you denied under ‘application monitor’>>click the item>>then right click and choose ‘edit’>>change the action from ‘block’ to ‘allow’.

If you denied something that was a message from component monitor>>do the same as above, but go to ‘component monitor’ instead of ‘application monitor’ and find the item then select ‘allow’ under the ‘permission’ column.

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Hey Mike,

That helps a great deal…thanks. I have got to get rid of that ‘newbie’ …that thing sucks!
…but then again at my age it’s kinda’ cool being ‘new’ at anything besides a medication! D

Lol, glad it helped. Any further questions just ask, and you’ll soon get rid of your ‘newbie’ status.


That’s why my dad loves alzheimers. Every day’s a discovery to him. LOL

No offense was intended, and yes, my dad really does have alzheimers.

ewen :slight_smile: