Change or BUG?

First, let’s cheer up for the latest version of CIS! However, I find it is impossible to modify the “allowed/blocked application” when I choose block before in the “access rights” setting window. It happens like those follow: “access rights” after choosiing one appliaction. one of the options like “run an executable”
3. change the “default” to “block”
And then, the “modify” button comes grey(invalidation), that’s what annoys me (:AGY). What makes us quite unconveniently is that we must choose allow or ask before adding the “modify content” followed by the selection of “block”.
Can anyone explain to me whether it is a new idea of safe or a BUG?

I presume you mean like this screenshot below.
If you block like this everything is blocked no need to change allow or block, so if you have allow it will be blocked also.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Shouldn’t the state of Modify button change on the fly. I mean when you switch from Block to Allow it should change from disabled to enabled without a need to Apply the changes first.

I don’t think so it did not grey untill I click on apply.

so as you said, 47~~,this is not a bug but a change which is based on the consideration of safe? But do the rules settled in the allowed/blocked lists take effect when we choose block simultaneously?

I refered to something different. Maybe I didn’t express myself clear. I just added a comment to issue you observed earlier, and it wasn’t an answer to your question. What I meant was that even if it is a ‘new feature’ it works kinda weird because it’s forcing a user to close a Process Access Rights window by pressing Apply button to change a state of Modify button. The button should be ‘grayed out’ or not as soon as you click a proper option.

Anyway, I think the only person who can actually answer to your initial question is someone from the development team.

Yes I agree.
I find if you click cancel on the last page nothing is saved so it appears that if you do not click apply everywhere the last being the most import, nothing is saved to the registry.

I think it’s a bug, as when selected ‘Block’, the rule in “Allow” of “Modify” is still work. Means the rule in “Allow” of Modify" is exception of “Block”.

Confirming above…just “apply” each menu. I’ve had problems forgetting to do this…