Change of the archive attribute

Hello (and first of all: thanks for this great application)
I have just tried to implement my existing backup strategie into Comodo Backup and could not establish everything I wanted, so I am asking for help here.

My backup-strategie:
-full backup every monday (2 instanzes / revisions - means instance 1 every first and third monday - instance 2 every second and fourth monday of the month)

  • differential (not incremental) backup of changed files since last full backup every day of the week except monday (means to restore on e.g. thursday: restore last full backup and restore last differential backup → thats it)
  • all backups zipped in container with password.

I could not implement this strategie in Comodo Backup, because the settings incremental and compression seem not to work together properly (if choosen, alsways fullbackup is performed)

So I tried it with the options advanced include / exclude which should work together with the archive attribute.
But for some reason comode backup does not delete the archive attribute when files are backed up.
Is there a setting for this option anywhere or does someone know a better solution for my problem?

Hope anyone can give me some helpfull hints.
Thanks a lot