Change Network To "Public" From "Home"

Not sure if this question belongs in the firewall area or here in the “configuration” area…

When I installed the firewall, I selected “home” but I think I would prefer to have my network run as “public” (untrusted) rather than “trusted” just for the additional security it might afford.

If I am not running via wireless, does making this change increase security significantly or am I just spinning my wheels in doing so?

How do I make this change? Will my other elections such as blocked apps in firewall and sandboxed programs in D+ remain intact after making the change?

Thanks in advance for advice and instruction.

Okay…I got part of my answer directly from Chiron…

…I was able to make the change by going to to Firewall-Network Security Policy-Network Zones and edit my “home” by selecting the box “public network”.

So now my question is, should the same box (“public network”) be selected in “Loopback Zone” as well?

Thanks in advance.