Change installer from temp folder to AppData


I recently encountered an issue installing the Comodo Antivirus. I had already the firewall product installed, so not sure if that also helped the issue. After the initial installation process, the installer asked me to restart the computer before running the actual product installer, after it placed some post-restart install files in the /tmp folder.

The issue here… I have a SSD and lots of ram, so I use a volatile RAMdisk for the temp folder, so after rebooting the contents are gone and the entry in the Registry to run the installer fails cause there are no files in the location anymore.

I suggest placing these files somewhere else like AppData/Roaming/Comodo or something, as I think the ramdisk is a popular trend lately with SSD users to avoid wearing the cells off too fast.

Besides that, even not using the ramdisk, I think it’s still a very bad choice to use the temp folder for post-reboot installers, I’ve never seen any other program do that. Other apps also clean the temp folder on shutdown or reboot, like ccleaner and similar.

(please note that im not asking for help or anything, it’s obvious to me I just need to change the tmp folder to make it work. Just pointing this issue out that I think should be considered by the devs)