Change installation or reinstall

I’ve installed CPF, and everything, mostly, is running fine. (Still a little problem with a disk image backup, but that’s another thread.) But now I want to do two things, and there does not seem to be any way to do them short of uninstalling and reinstalling:

  1. I realize that when I installed CPF and ran the malware scan, my Internet connection was deliberately broken. It ran fine, but the definitions file was not updated. I’d like to run it again, with an updated definitions file.

  2. I’d like to try the Surf Bar thing. At first, I thought it was unnecessary add-on stuff, but it actually seems to be a buffer overflow monitor, which seems like a good idea.

I tried Add/Remove programs, where CPF has an option to Change/Remove. But if you click that, the only real option is to remove.

Is there some way to change my installation and rerun the scan, or are my only choices to live with it as is or to uninstall/reinstall?

Sure thing. You can run the AV scan from Defense+ > Common tasks > Scan My system

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