Change from Private IP to Global IP [Resolved]

I have been using COMODO for about three months and it’s working really well.
My current set up is that we have 4 computers connected to a switching hub…which is connected to a cable modem. All 4 computers can be connected at the same time to the internet. My computer is the only one that uses COMODO. The others have Windows XP SP2 firewall.

Recently I received a letter from my cable ISP informing that they will change from a private IP to a Global IP service. They informed me that when this change occurs it may not be possible for all computers to access the internet at the same time. To overcome this problem they will be sending a router to replace the switching hub.
Now I don’t pretend to understand all the ramifications of this change, so my question is, will it affect my comodo firewall?
I assume that when the router replaces the hub it should not affect the windows firewall but is there anything I need to do with the comodo firewall to prepare for this change or will it automatically adjust to the new environment.
I have no idea which router I will be using so maybe I have posted this question too soon but I like to know what may happen in advance so I can be prepared. Actually I really don’ t know the difference between a hub and a router altough I have checked of course but it is a little beyond my ability grasp the concept.
Thanks for any advice in advance

There are a lot of other users using CFP with a router so I do not believe it will change it’s ability to a noticeable degree. However, I have never used a router so I don’t know for sure.

G’day BFG,

In laymans terms, a router has two network interfaces - one inwards facing to your LAN and one outwards facing to your ISP. Your ISP will allocate an IP address to your router - this address is for the outwards interface (what the internet sees). You will have to set a default IP address on the inward interface, or you can rely on DHCP (assuming your router supports this). It sounds hard but once you’ve done it the first time, you’ll realise how easy it really is.

The only change you will have to make to your PC is to set up a zone that includes the internal IP address of your router and then set that zone as a trusted network. This will allow your PC to see and allow communications to and from the router. The router handles things on the outbound side.

There is one other change I’d recommend - install CFP on the other PCs on your LAN. Just because they’re on the inside of your LAN doesn’t mean they can’t be infected or infect you. Consistency on LANs is half the battle.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick replies.
I can undersatand the difference now.
I guess I have to wait for the router to come and then see what happens after changing over, but I doesn’t seem too difficult to sort out.
If I have any problems I’ll be right back!
Thanks again

NP. I’ll mark this as resolved and lock it. Once you’ve got your router (but before you kill your currently working connection) check its documentation thoroughly and make sure you understand how to set it up initially so you can maintain your internet connection. If you’re not clear, use your current connection to come back here and we’ll see if we can sort it out.

Ewen :slight_smile: