Change Defence+ Security freeze

As adviced in another thread I want to change the Defence+ security level to “Training mode” while playing a game for the first time, but when I do that, Comodo stops responding, and I’ll have to reboot my PC. After reboot it is in “training mode”, I play my game, and after that I want to turn Defence+ back to “Clean PC” mode, but again Comodo freeze, and I will have to reboot again. I have tried to do the change in the main window and the quick way with the icon in the taskbar (right-clicking it and select the mode)
Any idea of how I get around this issue?

Sven O.

Do you have problems with logging? Does it freeze when you try to review any log from GUI? Please check your logs with cfplogw.exe if there are any entries or corresponding number of entries according to you traffic.

If these symptoms are not presented please forgot my reply. Otherwise there may be a known reason and I’ll try to help you.

I can view the log withcfplogw.exe, but there is no entry about changing security level when comodo freeze. After a reboot the security level has changed, but still no info in log-file. As shown on the picture, you can see when starting cfplogw.exe, before and after a reboot.
I don’t know why logitechs gaming software is shown as “application” all the time. Is this an error?

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Just Take a little Time and Patience to wait for your DEF+ to work. sometimes it looks like it’s freezing but, it actually working!


Well I ment attempt to show logs (both FW and D+) from GUI and check if it freezes or not. Checking the content via cfplogw is only supplemental info for me.

Trying to ask roundly - what is your OS and what is it’s localisation? Problem with freezing GUI and impossible regular logging occurs with WXP czech version. It’s known but still unsolved problem. There’s a solution to override it with 3’rd party utility.

Bug is discussed here and how to override it right here;msg164218#msg164218. Thank to Foxx. It works for us in Czech.

Maybe it could help you. I’m not qualified to solve your Logitech issuses. I’m sure there’s a lot of people here they can help you.

You could try adding Logitech to the “Interprocess memory access” exclusion list for Comodo firewll pro.

Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy/Highlight “Comodo Firewall Pro” and choose “Edit”/Now click on “Protection Settings”/Modify next to “Interprocess memory access”/Add and Browse/Highlight the path and use the right arrow to move accross[something like C:\programmer\Logitech*]/APPLY to close all windows.


Thank you Matty_R. That works :BNC

Now I’m a happy user of Comodo, allthough I can’t figure out how to make a specific rule to choose from the “quick” menu, when the firewall sees a new unknown program that wants to connect to the internet.

I want a rule that do this:
When a new program first looks for an update or simalar, I don’t know the IP-adress nor the www. name, and I want to allow the program to go online, but ONLY to this adress which it is trying first. If the program later wants to go to another IP or adress, I want the firewall to block that.
i.e. Firewall alert
Program test.exe is trying to connect to What do you want to do?

Here I would like the rule above in “Treat program like” and here been able to select my rule. I’m sure I will learn that, but English is not my first language (I’m from Denmark), so I am a slow reader of the help-file :slight_smile:

But for now I’m happy.

Try setting the “Alert Settings” to Very high and make sure your running in “Custom mode”

Firewall/Advanced/Firewall Behavior Settings/Alert settings/Move the slider to Very high.
Now if you receive an alert and have “Remember my answer” ticked the rule generated should include the IP address and port.I find it easier to not check “remember my answer” and then deal with each alert as it comes.


ps Warm welcome to the forum(should of said this earlier) :Beer
pps You may want to have a look at a few posts regarding “Clean pc” mode with regards to Pending files etc.

Thank you for your welcome :slight_smile:

I will use some time over the weekend to read the help-file and look into this forum to read about “Clean PC” as I have some Pending files (updates avira has recieved), as well as some rules settings. I will start by setting comodo up as you describe, and then look at the rules it makes.