change comodo tray icon

The Comodo tray icon is blue. And so are a bunch of other tray icons, including XPs network icons that sit next to Comodo in the bottom right corner of my screen.

I want to make my firewall icon red. There are a bunch of icons in cpf.exe which I can extract, edit, and plug back in.

Two questions:

  1. Does anyone know which icon in cpf.exe is the system tray icon?

  2. If I drop my customized version of cpf.exe back into the Comodo program folder and restart the program, will it complain because it no longer matches the original hash value (or whatever method Comodo uses to verify its own integrity)?

I think the icon should be changed to be a Windows XP style icon instead of the flat icon it currently is.

666, my guess: it won’t work because this is a major program you’re dealing with, plus there’s certainly self-checks and defense mechanisms involved.

There’s actually a way to officially make it red: Set the Security Level to Block All ;D. But then it’d be pointless because you’ll have no net access.

That would be a great tray icon for my custom security level.

Unfortunately, my copy of Resource Hacker couldn’t find the red icon in any of the files from my Comodo folder. It’s probably one of the many “non-standard” resources in cpf.exe.

I’ll continue my hacking attempts when the next version comes out.

Right-clicking on the start menu shortcut and then try changing the icon does show it is cpf.exe that determines the icon, but for the system tray icon I don’t know.

Has changing the system tray icon of a program ever left it unstable?