Change color of tabs?


Is there anyway of changing the color of the tabs? Right now they are a very dark gray (#6a6d71). For readability/visibility sake, I would prefer that they are not so dark. I already have checked the Options page and about:config, but there is nothing obvious about changing tab color. Loading different themes does also not have any effect on the tab color.

If anyone might be able to provide any assistance, it would be most appreciated.

Thanks so much,


If I correctly understood.
Can do this addition.

FF based CID has outstanding UI customization functionality. Your problem is ‘theme’ related.

There are literally 100’s of thousands of persona, themes and add-ons that can be installed into FF / CID. One of the add-ons highly recommended is Stylish. This allows one to over-ride the default CSS code manually.

To research how-to WRT cascading style sheets, use Mozilla or Fire Fox as search terms in conjunction with CSS. The other foundational aspect to customizing FF / CID is understanding of Mozilla CSS extensions.

If you have any savvy WRT web-design / coding, you can make CID look and do whatever your wildest dreams can imagine. If you sadly do not have that ability, then your only option is to find a pleasing canned persona or theme and run with that.