Change automatic Virus update to manual

Hi, Recently the AV update has become a pain so many times a day. Is there a way to stop automatic updates so that I can do a manual update when i want. Normally during the current auto updates the PC wont let you do anything and is annoying - I have two pcs and a laptop and experience the same on all three. I would be very happy to do a manual update each day when I want - like when having dinner - and then the process doesn’t interfere with anything. There is obviously the Update Virus database option on the AntiVirus page which I can use but I have been unable to stop auto updates. I am also happy to accept the risk of definitions not being up to date by the minute - daily is sufficient - anyway I would probably do it a couple of times a day at a time that suits me.

Any ideas?


Please read here;msg342090#msg342090