Change application rule from blocked to ask...?

XP SP2 v3…349- I installed an application, with a “pesky” auto-updater…!
I “thought” it was fully installed (2 updates)-
I didn’t want it to update again!, but I accidentedly allowed it in Custom policy mode- sooo I blocked “several” of its exe’s/dll’s/running tasks in “Define a new blocked application” (unsure which one was the updater?).

:-[ Now it turns out that I have ONLY one more update to do, and then I want CFP to ask/block (CFP don’t remember…)!?

:-\ I searched the v3 pdf, and can’t figure out how to accomplish this task?

Hey there,
Try going into your Network Security Policy and finding this app. Then remove the entries. Then run it again and create your rules as you go or:

Go to Nework Security Policy in Firewall > Advanced, find the app and just edit the rules for it.