Change active configuration from the tray menu

In version 6.3 I don’t see an option in the tray menu to switch the active configuration. The option was present in version 5 - would it be possible to bring it back? Without that switching configurations takes a ridiculous number of clicks…

It would be possible to bring it back, however it depends on if the developers want to bring it back or not, you could make a wish here: Comodo Forum

You’re right, I haven’t noticed the Wishlist subforum - could mods please move this topic there? Sorry for the mess.

You can increase security when on a wireless network by asking CIS to use Trustconnect for ‘public and unsecured wireless networks’ or ‘unsecured wireless networks’. The connection that results will be from a VPN IP set, so in principle you could set different rules, maybe if running in custom mode. I have not tried. The fact that the machines VPN IP appears to be added (invisibly) to the trusted zone at least in safe mode may impede control.

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