change a setting made by mistake

I went to uninstall something called CBrowserHelper Object found in the control panel and when the comodo screen came up I clicked block by mistake and now I can’t remove it. How do I change that setting so that I can remove it?

Thanks So Very Much

You might find it here:

If its not in there, then its probably blocked in the D+ HIPS application rule

Look here:

To know which application rule to examine, well, that’s a wee bit difficult. Look in your D+ logs and examine which app requested what resource that got blocked, examine the rule for the app making the request.

To get to the logs, click the ‘Tasks’ swivel-icon - upper right corner. This will swivel the Main GUI panel to the advanced tasks panel - the icon changes to ‘Home’ swivel which swivels the GUI back to the Main GUI. In the General Tasks section of panel, will be an item to view logs. Click that and it’ll open a window for log viewing. Select D+ / HIPS to view the recent activity. Leave that window open.

Now click on the bottom section - advanced tasks

Click on advanced settings - lower right item. Drill into Security Settings, HIPS application rules:

In the task bar you should still have the log viewer open, determine from the blocking entry in the log what rule to examine.

You’ll have to check the various resource access name exclusions, click the link in the panel where you see a specification where the last number is non-zero - in the above image they’re all ‘Modify 0/0’. When you click that one, it opens a panel with two tabs, the right most will be labeled ‘blocked’, you’ll find the entry in there.

Hope that helps.

sorry for the delay in responding. Been sick the past few days and this is the first time I have been back online.

I will copied down your suggestions and see if I can fix my mistake. Thanks so Very Much :slight_smile: