Change a Defense + Security entry

By accident I stopped a program from executing. Have looked everywhere to change it but unable to find how to do this. Entry is in the: Defense + Security events log. No where else. What is the procedure for releasing this entry as 'trusted" and get it it execute?

Even exited Comodo and it did install, but when rebooting, comodo stopped it again. PLEASE?

You probaly blocked Explorer from executing the program.

To set it straight go to Defense + → Advance → Computer Security Policy → look up Explorer in the list and select it → Edit → Access Rights → on top you will find Run an executable → push the Modify button → choose the Blocked Applications tab —> remove the application from the list → Ok and Apply your way back.

Does that fix it?

Sorry, but no. I uninstalled the program, dl’d again. Before trying to reinstall, cleared/deleted any mention of it in Defense. No joy. Not an important program, but a convenience. Yahoo widget on desktop to use instead of going online. Will try later. Thanks for the advice though.

I am not familiar with how the Yahoo Widget Engine works.

In case the widget engine starts the widget then look up the rule for the widget and see if the widget engine is blocking the start of the widget.

Eric, I am an old stubborn man and hate to give up. I fixed the problem by going to the instructions you have me and could not find the entry for widgets under exlplorer. Quit for the time being. Started again this morning and explored around in various windows, found one for Yahoo Widgets that it had written down, so I just deleted the entry. Cleaned out all Yahoo entries on the HD then started from scratch.

Started the install and comodo popped up asking me for instructions, only option I had was “installer/updater” as trusted wasn’t available at the time. However, after install and first time to execute, then I had the chance to choose treat as “trusted” and away we went! And still going as before! Thank you for the help!

Glad you got it fixed. Sometime a bit of tenacity ain’t a bad thing… :-TU