Change a control rule.


This is my first post, so please excuse any breaches of forum protocol.

I have been running CFP (version2.4.18.184) for some time and found it better to use than zone alarm pro as it gave more info on what programs were doing or trying to do. One thing I haven’t been sure of is the control rules, so I have left them alone.

I have connected a Beyonwiz hdd pvr to my computer (through the router) and could not get the pvr to see the pc until I changed control rule 5.
This originally read “Block and Log IP In or Out from IP (Any) to IP (Any) where IPPROTO is (ANY)”
I changed it to “Allow” and the pvr can see the pc. What I would like to know is, has this changed the overall security of the pc? As it is now, I have no control rules set to block. They are all “Allow”.

Thanks for any info you can give me

What you’ve done at the moment is tantamount to leaving the front door open when you go to work in the morning. Re-enable the default setting first of all and then reboot.
Next thing to do is to define a new Trusted Network. You can do that using the Wizard accessible from the Tasks menu.

There are also some tips on the BW forum here, or do a search from the main forum here

Hi Zito

Thanks for the reply. I really did not want to leave the firewall that way.So I went through the forum again and eventually found a post on network rules. This showed me what I was doing wrong. I was adding new rules to allow the pvr to connect, but I was adding them after the “block all” rule. So, in effect, they were useless. Added the new rules, making sure the “block” rule was last, and everything seems to be working ok.

A good example of not heeding the No1 forum rule - before you ask a question, read through all the posts, because you are most likely to find the answer somewhere there.

Anyway thanks