If this info has already been posted then “My Bad”
However I looked around and couldn’t find anything.

ANYwho, I’ve seen several articles stating that in the coming month Google Chrome will STOP utilizing the ADOBE “FLASH” Plugin. :-\

Will this affect either Chromodo & or Dragon browsers & if so in what way.
I currently & actually always have used the " Let me choose when to run Plugins" setting

I guess what I’m asking is whatz the replacement (Flash) & how long before it’s implemented in a NEW Version of either or BOTH of your browsers.

Also during the transition period will the current editions continue to function?

SO " What’s the Plan Stan’s" ???

Murphy13 8)

If you go straight to the source, you find that Chrome 53 will block “Flash on the web [which] loads behind the scenes to support things like page analytics”, and that “Chrome 55 will make HTML5 the default experience, except for sites which only support Flash. For those, you’ll be prompted to enable Flash when you first visit the site.”. Not so dramatic, but two more steps in the right direction, to deprecate Flash.

Flash and Chrome


Jowa, Thanks for the reply but I’m not really sure it answer’s my questions.

Did I miss something and HTML5 is already incorporated in CHROMODO & DRAGON Browsers? If so is there an “On /OFF” Switch for it, like in the Advanced Settings for both browsers you could choose " Let me decide when to run plug -in’s or words to that effect, to more or less create a " Safety Net" like I could with Flash-Player Settings

Does this HTML5 fill the void that Flash will leave? and does it perform the same tasks as Flash Player?

In regards to “CHROME 55” I guess thats great but I’m not a big fan of that browser.

My question was " What effect ( If any) will this have on Chromodo & Dragon Browsers"

Perhaps your answer was above my head but I don’t see how Chrome 55 has any bearing on the browsers I utilize daily which I mentioned above.
So perhaps someone else could explain If and How it will affect COMODO products

Murphy13 8)

Aloha. :slight_smile:

HTML5 (the current version of HTML) is well supported by Dragon and Chromodo, as well as by all modern browsers. You can test here how well it is supported:

No, you can’t turn HTML off, as that would be like turning the web off.

Yes, roughly HTML now performs the same tasks as Flash.

Regarding Chrome 55 (and 53), you mentioned upcoming changes in Chrome, and I wanted to clarify what those changes are. Your view seemed to be a bit more dramatic than the actual changes that have been announced. :wink:

Comodo has not made any announcement regarding Flash in future versions of Dragon and Chromodo. I expect that the announced changes in Chrome will also happen in Dragon and Chromodo. At least if the change is made in the Chromium code, and not in the version of Flash Player which Google builds and includes in Chrome.

For further details regarding Dragon and Chromodo, we need an answer from a developer. :slight_smile: