CGI Proxies Anyone?

Hey guys, I am researching on CGI-Proxies. I use them quite a bit, but am not certain of how much privacy/anonymity they provide.

Example. Right now I am logged into these forums through a web-based cgi proxy. Now if the Admin or a moderator see’s the proxies IP then I will be happy and have achieved my goal. But, if he’s able to see my real IP, then I am only wasting my time using a cgi proxy.

Also if I goto or then those sites can only see the proxies IP, so it works there.

Any input/ideas are appreciated. And if possible could a MOD PM me as to what the IP of this post is, if its not asking too much.


Eh…you want to do something hidden? :slight_smile:

If those sites show the Proxies IP it will show up here also.

There are a number of things that the proxy could leak, check out the HTTP headers on specific sites made for these detections, and compare your direct connection with it to see what changes and what not.

Normally the CGI’s are slow(er) and it’s a piece of cake to catch your passwords and other behavior.
I’m more scared of a “unknown” proxy then for my provider but that’s just my 2cents.

Thank you for the response.

I checked out that HTTP header business. The CGI proxies show their IP, so its pretty cool. I could not make out the speed difference; but I am only a 1mbps line. In fact, sometimes they are faster that the proxy server has lower latency as compared to my location… but that’s all ok, not important.

I know they can get your login/password, but then the last time I logged into internet banking using a cgi-web proxy was in march of 1974, a few months after aliens from centauri 6 abducted me and put a probe up my …

Ronny, I really appreciate the response. Thank you sir.