CFWP v failed privacy net's FW analyzer

I tried the fw tester at
Below in quotes is a small bit of the overall results.

“Firewall Test
The following ports were checked: 554, 1755, 443, 80
Out of the above ports, the following are open and permitting outbound traffic: 554,1755,443,80
Firewall status: NOT PRESENT (you may have a firewall, but it is not configured to block these ports from outbound traffic)”

Is their tester legit ? How would I block these ports ? Or should I ?

I’m new to CFWP and really like it. I currently just have the default settings.
Several other online fw testers showed everything was fine i.e. all ports stealthed etc.
so I felt good about it until I took the test above.


I would not be worried. The test is telling you that outbound traffic is allowed for your browser for ports 80,443, 554, 1755. However these ports are not open as the report incorrectly states. Open means that an application is accepting and replaying to incoming connections but this is not the case.

Thanks for the educational info ggf31416.