CFW w/ Bitdefender free exclusions


I installed Bitdefender AV Free followed by Comodo Firewall 10 and have no idea how to set an exclusion for Bitdefender, if needed. I was familiar with how to do this on Comodo Versions 3-7 or so, but the layout in settings is more advanced now on newer versions. Could someone please walk me through step by step on how to set the appropriate exclusions for Bitdefender AV free? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Comodo doesn’t need to set exclusions. Since BD says CF is incompatible, I’m assuming you are installing CF after BD. CF will detect BD files as trusted and add them to the trusted files list, so they will not be monitored by the components.

I did install Bitdefender 1st, followed by Comodo. That’s go to know. I’m definitely not having any problems :-TU. Do I need to disable HIPS or change to it to another mode or is it ok as is? (Currently set to “Safe Mode”)

Just keep it at default. If you put other modes it will start monitoring and suspending the activities of trusted apps, which can cause compatibility problems.

Yousername, thanks so much for your help! Have great day! (:KWL)