CFW under win cant detect the connected apps?

I have serious problem with Comodo Firewall (free).
I have two PC. My „old „ PC installed with win8 and CFW and work without any problem.

My „new“ PC installed with win10 x64 and CFW and the CFW sometimes cant detect the internet connected programs.
If some app connect to the net first time, sometime CFW display a warning window (would you like allow this program connect to the net: yes/no), but sometimes NOT!!!
A lot of apps exist on my PC these apps can connect to the net without any warning or allowing procedure!
And the most serious thing: these apps cant be found in app list of the firewall!!! These apps totally invisible for the CFW firewall component.
Totally safe and reliable apps: cpu-z, gpu-z, superantispyware, abiword, filezilla etc etc

Naturally, the option „create rules for safe apps“ is disabled.

Why cant CFW detect these apps? Under Win10.
With Win8 I havent so problem!!


By default safe/trusted applications will not generate a firewall alert when they attempt to make an outgoing or receive an incoming connection request. You should set the firewall mode to custom ruleset.