CFW prevents me from accessing anything

After I had reinstalled CFW, I was asked if whether to block or allow waol.exe When I chose allow as an isolated application, I was unable to access any files or programs. If I clicked on anything I would get the same message, for example:


Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You might not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.[/i][/b]

This message appears in whatever account I try to use. I am 99 per cent sure that waol.exe is okay as it is the executable file for the AOL user interface which allows you to logon to the AOL network, and the I had to reboot in safemode and uninstall CFW. This is the 2nd time this has happened. Once I have uninstalled CFW, everything works fine again.


(OS: XP Pro)

If you know it is ok why make it an" Isolated Application" ,in Defence+ this blocks it from doing out with the default rule for “Isolated Application”.

Make it a “Trusted Application” or give it a “Custom Policy”

Nice 1 Matty

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Thanks I’ll give that a try; but I have to admit I find it difficult some times trying to decide if an application should be okayed as an isolated application or a trusted application etc

If its installed on your pc and you know what it is then its safe. If you do not have any spyware or viruses prior to installing Comodo then all files and apps on your pc are safe. You should know what programs are on your pc.